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Best Mobile Repairs in Harrow, London

Technology is not always perfect, so you can experience many different problems that you may or may not be able to solve by yourself. Cell phones may present faults some times and we know it can be a very stressful situation for anybody to have fault in cellphone.

Of course, there are several problems that are a little more difficult to solve for you if you are not a genius or technology expert. If you cannot do it by yourself, we recommend you to take your mobile phone to a good repair shop or an authorized service technician to get it fixed and hopefully, they will help you. If you are in Harrow we can fix your mobile phone at FixanPhone.

Do you need Mobile Repairs service in harrow? Having a cracked or broken glass? Touch issues? bad battery performance? poor screed resolutions? Camera issues or having software problems in your phone?  We know how important your phone. It feels like you have lost something when you don’t have your phone. Got your phone damaged or faulty? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. We know you look for the fast repair service to get your phone fixed as soon as possible. But in hurry don’t  risk having a second-rate repair considering the low price on something so important to you. Because it can either result in some more serious fault or end to permanent failure of the device. We have trained and experienced professionals at Fixanphone who can fix any of your mobile phone issues quickly. We solve all the issues of mobile phones from Samsung, iPhone, LG, Huawai, HTC, Google ,Black Berry or any other brand. 


    Yes, you can have your phone repaired for less in some local Mobile Repairs shops at very low price, but they are cheaper for a reason:

  • Short or no guarantee of repairing or parts 

  • Have less-trained staff 

  • Have longer turnabout times

  • Have lower-grade, knockoff parts used, which can result in poor performance of your mobile phone.

  • Poor screen resolution (Dull colors) and quality 

  • Missing pixels that may lead to black screen

  • Unreliable touch sensitivity on the new installed screen 

  • Intermittent faults 

  • Thinner glass resulting in easy breakage.

At FixanPhone We Get a Proper Job!

  • Only the best quality AAA grade replacement parts used

  • Fast Mobile repair service – often “While you wait” for more straightforward jobs

  • Amazing service by great people!

Here are some of the common issue that people face and bring to us for repair at FixanPhone.


Wet Cell Phone

It is normal to have liquid spilt on your phone or accidently dropped over some liquid and get your phone wet. This happens a lot with people and most of the time it can be fixed. There are very rare cases that the phones get dead and can not be fixed. If you accidently got your phone wet than the first thing you have to do is to disconnect the power if the battery is removeable otherwise power off the phone and do not turn it on until it becomes completely dry. Best is not to take the risk of wasting time and immediately head to a good mobile repair to avoid any serious issues.


Damaged Charging Port

Like everything in life, nothing lasts forever. And your phone is not an exception. Charging ports tend to deteriorate as time passes and sometimes get damaged. Misuse or carelessness while connecting charger and dirt can be some of the causes of this damage and deterioration. This common problem needs to be solved by an expert. In such cases we recommend you to visit a mobile repair expert to fix your broken mobile phone port.


Software or Firmware Issue

If you are facing issues and problems with the software of your phone like connectivity problem of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, synchronization failures, unsent messages, App store or play store crashing or applications not working than try a phone reset. If the issue is still not fixed than head to us, we can fix it for you.


Broken Screen Repairs

Mobile phones are sensitive devices and require to be kept with care. Sometime an accidental drop can result in the mobile phone screen damage, either slight of a full screen damage that may lead to disabled touch or complete display. At FixanPhone we have experienced professional mobile repairs that can replace the broken screen of any mobile phone model currently in the market.


Home Button or Control Button Problem

The most reported issue by the iPhone users is the problem with the home or control button on their phone. They say that home button stops responding or freezes or the touch sensor also gets stops working. You may try restarting your phone in such case but if the issue is still there that we are here to fix your issue and repair or replace the home button. At FixanPhone mobile repairs we are usual to deal with this issue.


Micro SD Card not working

When your phone memory gets full and you are too busy to move your data to some other device than you may use the Micro SD card option in the mobile phone to extend the storage of your device. But there comes the problem that the devices do not accept the card or gives error. This may be due to some problem with the SD card slot of the device. This is when you need a mobile repair to fix your phone and let you use the SD card in your device.

In this case the issue can be with your card also. First check the card by connecting to a PC using the card reader. If the card is working than the problem is in the phone otherwise get a new card for your phone.

Along with the professional mobile repair services we have the best quality and genuine mobile accessories available for all mobile phone models.

At FixanPhone we offer the best mobile repairs services at our shop in harrow with all the genuine parts and accessories.

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